Top Law Care Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn In Dayton, Ohio

Summer is potentially one of the most challenging times of the year for lawns, particularly if you live in a city with a warmer climate. While summer can be a time of thriving for the majority of lawns, but it is also a time for less maintained lawn to suffer from different plant health conditions. Fortunately, there are simple techniques available to revive your lawn and make the area pleasant to view. This article will provide some top lawn care tips for a healthy summer lawn in Dayton, Ohio.

• Lawn Watering

Watering is a well-known significant aspect of lawn health in the summer months. The correct types of lawn watering practices will allow a lawn to send down roots further into the soil which will result in making the turf more heat-resistant and drought-tolerant.

It is possible to train the turf to create a deep root system by watering the lawn only once it begins showing signs of leaf or plant wilting. When wilting is seen, provide the lawn with large amounts of watering to immerse the area in water and begin the deep root technique.

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• Fertilizing Lawns (In The Spring)

A lawn that is healthy before the summer arrives has a greater chance of surviving the warmer climate and presenting with a healthy appearance. This increased lawn care can begin in the springtime when fertilization of the turf is performed. It is recommended that the fertilizer is organic and of high-quality so that the lawn is at its peak when the heat arrives.

• Lawn Mowing

A loss of soil moisture is one of the reasons why there are turf problems in the summer months. As is mentioned above, this issue can be managed via watering; however, it is also possible to reduce the water lost through evaporation through a modification of the lawn mowing technique. An increase in the length of the lawn leaf being mowed can insulate the soil from moisture loss and shades the lawn from heat stress.

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