Lawn Care

Having a beautiful lawn is not an easy work since you have to maintain it frequently. As season changes from autumn to winter to spring you need to make sure the lawn is a calming sight rather than distressing view with dried out plants and sorry state of the grass. To maintain your backyard or front lawn follow routine care tips.

The grass need a royal treatment as seasons change in summer and spring you need the regular mowing, weeding, watering etc. and optimum amount of sunlight with fertilizers. You need to provide nourishment to the soil for lush green carpeted grass. In winter season, the grass care is rather tricky and if you don’t want the frost to damage the grass plant the right seeds before the season begins. Warm season lawn’s seeds are better suited for winters. They adapt to sun and shade accordingly. Bermuda grass lawns are healthier options for grass in winters if they aren’t over seeded with winter grass.

For your lawn to look beautiful you need to plant some seasonal flowers along with some domestic plants. Winter season flowers are highly fragrant such as Rosebud Cherry, sweet Box, winter aconite, hellebores, Oregon grape, etc. these are colorful thus create the beautiful landscape.

It is very important to feed even the healthiest of the lawns at least twice a year once in the spring and second in the fall. While in summer you can add some more feedings. Make sure the fertilizers you use are healthier options and stay away from fertilizers that are high in nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Grass needs air supply as much as you need it. To provide proper air supply to your lawn, grass poking holes in your lawn so that they will provide proper oxygen to the whole lawn.

Using the right tools is very important, keeping the gardening and mowing tools well maintained will keep your lawn equally well maintained side by side.  Prevention is better than cure that also applies to your lawn, there are the diseases with which your plants and grass can be effected, so good care is necessary to maintain your lawn.

Never overwater your lawn, when your grass is always wet more and more diseases are infected into the grass. The best time to water the grass is in the early morning as it stays longer and more nourishment is processed all day long. To keep the diseases from being infected into the grass keep it at the right height and mow it regularly.