Lawn Care Tips For a Healthy Summer Lawn

Summer is a great time for your lawn just as it is for you, the sun provides essential energy to the turf of your lawn so it stays healthy and lush green but the energy from the sun and the rain water is not enough to keep your lawn healthy. Just as we need to maintain and groom ourselves from time to time, our lawn needs attention to be groom as well.

The basic summer care tips for the lawn include;


Summer is the time when you should allow the grass to grow so mowing it short is not necessary, tall blades of grass are better shades for the soil and obtain enough light during the peak hours of the day. More sun light helps them provide more nutrients to the soil and in return soil helps in the healthy growth of the grass.

Water the grass properly

It is important to water your deeply once or twice a week in summers, the best time to water the grass would be the morning so that the more light hours can help the grass to do its work. Summer doesn’t mean you need to water the lawn frequently, over watering the grass can damage the soil and make it infertile and wet blades of grass can infect it from diseases.

Treat the grub

Summer time is when the insects lay eggs on the grass, moisture in the grass is the ideal spot for beetles, throughout the year different species of insects are found in the grass most of them provide damage to your lawn. Call the professional grub controller and spray the essential pesticide to maintain the health green lawn that is free from beetles.

Fertilize the warm season grass

The warm season grass is perfectly suitable from summer season as it grows strong with basic care and nutrients.

Keep the grass clean

Summer is the time when you need the grass for all those activities in your lawn, the lawn tennis, water fights, lawn chairs, BBQ in the backyard etc. but it is also important to keep the grass clear when all the fun has ended. Make sure no decomposable trash lies on the turf for too long.


It is essential to keep the check on your turf so there are no weeds growing, get rid of any weeds you see and regularly keep the lawn in check. Weeds grow roots and then damage your soil so it is better you catch them for they conceal deep.

In cases of extreme heat, don’t start watering the turf, the water will evaporate before it reaches deep into the soil, and there is where want really want the water to reach. In such measures deeply water the lawn the next early morning before the sun begins to strike directly over the grass. Also avoid any fertilizers and weed sprays on a extremely hot summer day, you can carry out the fertilization and weed sprays as a early morning routine.