Increase The Appeal Of Your Property With A Great Looking Lawn

There’s nothing more attractive than a well maintained home that has a great looking front lawn. Every realtor agrees that having a well manicured and healthy looking lawn attracts buyers to a home and, as part of a carefully cared for garden actually can significantly increase the level of offers to the seller. Also – having that great looking lawn – in front of the house and in the yard just makes living in that home that much more pleasant.

So what are some of the approaches that will make sure that your lawn stays in great shape?

Regularly Cut Your Lawn

Firstly a commitment to cutting the lawn on a regular basis. this not only encourages growth but gives the lawn a luxuriant yet neat appearance. Alternate directions when mowing so that the grass stems are not all flattened into a single direction.

Lawn Care

Cutting the lawn does place it under stress so it is absolutely essential that you use a fertilizer. Components of the ideal fertilizer include Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Ideally fertilizer should be spread about every five weeks.

Regular Watering

Your lawn will tell you when it needs watering. The tips of the grass stems will start to curl and the lawn will change slightly in color, becoming grayer. Investing in an automatic sprinkler system can help take the guess work out of watering.

Your lawn needs proper drainage and for air to reach the roots – and you need to help this process. you can use a standard garden fork to do this by inserting it at regular intervals around the lawn. There are also rollers which can make the work a bit less backbreaking. this are essential if you have larger areas of lawn.

Also pay attention to weeds – before you know it weeds can ruin the appeal of any lawn. Unfortunately some varieties need to be pulled by hand.

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