4 Common Lawn Care Problems

If you want to make sure your lawn looks great, then you need to take care of it. Knowing what a few common lawn care problems are is helpful. With that said, before are four lawn care problems and how to solve them. Afterwards, you can implement what you learn.

How to Fix The Most Common Lawn Care Problems?

1. Weeds– One of the most common lawn problems is lawn weeds, which include daisies, dandelions and buttercups. Others include parsley-piert, speedwell and yarrow to name a few. If you don’t treat those, then they will spread rapidly and they will be competing with grass for light, space and food. When this happens, your lawn will look horrible.

If you decide to try to kill the weeds yourself, then use a quality weedkiller. A granular lawn treatment designed to kill weeds is good to use too. If you don’t want to perform DIY weedkiller tactics, then contact a Ziehler Lawn Care professionals and they will do it for you.

2. Lawn Thatch– Thatch happens when you leave clippings on the lawn. Thatch is an issue because it can increase the chances of disease and it prevents any water from getting through. Here’s a tip, in September you’ll want to rake the thatch out with a rake or a scarifier.

If your lawnmower has a box to hold the grass, then collect your grass clippings and place them inside it. Another option is to use a rake to remove the clippings. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure you remove the clippings after you mow your lawn.

3. Bald Patches– Another common lawn care problem are bald patches, which usually happens when you mow the grass too short. If you are trying to shave the lawn to save time, then you’ll regret it because eventually you’re lawn will become bald. This will increase the chances of weeds growing, as well as moss.

Bald Patches

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The easiest way to solve the problem of bald patches is to use top soil. Lawn soil will work fine too, and you will want to cut the grass only a few centimeters in length. You can also plant grass seeds in the area of bald patches.

4. Pale Grass– Is your lawn looking pale because if it is, then it’s probably because you are not feeding your grass enough food. It is important for your lawn to be on a balanced diet because if it doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs, then it will be weak and turn pale. This happens because the grass uses up all of its nutrients in the soil.


There are lawn treatments you can use. Make sure you get treatment that contains quality nutrients. Do not think watering alone will fix everything because it won’t.

Those are the four most common lawn problems. As you can see, each one is relatively easy to fix. It’s important to try to solve problems as soon as you notice them because the sooner you take care of them, the sooner your lawn will look flourish and look great.