3 Ways To Treat Your Home For Pests

Knowing easy ways to find pest control company to treat your home for pests is important if you find yourself trying to fight them off. There are a few key things that you can do, regardless of what kind of pest is invading your home, to eliminate the threats that they pose.

Leave No Crumb Around

The very first step to making your home pest free, regardless of what type of creepy crawley has made your home their new residence, is to eliminate every food source that they may have access to. Every pest out there requires some type of food, and making certain that you don’t have any laying around is the first step to getting rid of your pest problem.

Deep clean your entire home and get rid of any food particles. Start in the kitchen and pull all appliances away from the wall and make certain that everything is swept up and mopped. Store dry foods such as flour and sugar in airtight containers, and make certain that pet food areas are cleaned thoroughly every day.By eliminating food sources, you can ensure that pests have no reason to come into your living space.

Stop Leaks

The second thing that every pest needs is water. Make certain that you do not have any standing water anywhere in, or around your home. Check basements and crawl spaces for leaky pipes, and make certain that faucets are not dripping.

Sealing up any leaky areas, and draining standing water holes will make pests have to look elsewhere for a fresh water supply.

draining standing water

Identify and Use the Right Type of Control

Before you can start getting rid of pests by using poisons and other bait traps, make certain that you have identified the pest you are trying to fight off. Different bugs require different types of traps and poisons, and ensuring that you know which kind of insect you are dealing with will go a long way in handling the problem.

For ants, cockroaches, and other such pests, use bait traps that allow them to carry the poison back to their nest. This will help to eliminate the entire colony rather than just the bugs you are seeing.

If you’re trying to fight off mice or rats, and don’t want to use kill traps or poison, you can use enclosure traps that will not kill the animal but instead allow you to release them in an area far away from your home. When you are releasing mice, make certain that you take them far enough away that they will not simply turn around and come back inside once again.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, there are a few things that you can do to handle a pest infestation regardless of what kind of pest you are trying to get rid of. By eliminating their food, water, and using the right kinds of baits, traps, and poisons, you can practice bed bug exterminator dayton ohio and have a pest free home in no time.