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How Many Times Should You Water Your Lawn – Tips You Should Know

How many times should you water your lawn? How much should you water? These are questions that a majority of property owners are asking. Did you know that a majority of them do not know the quantity of water their lawn need or how to take care of the lawn properly? Well, the truth is that there are many lawn care techniques such as applying fertilizer, trimming, etc.

Lawn Care Techniques

For sure, watering is also very important and crucial to have the best looking lawn. However, before you water your lawn; there are few things you should find out about your lawn. These things are:

• What is your lawn soil type; Is it clay-filled, sandy, loam, or cotton?
• What kind of grass do you have?
• Is your grass mature or is it newly sown?
• What season is it

All the above factors will affect the way you water your lawn and the frequency. The good news is that there is a way you can test if your lawn is watered well. In other words, if you water your lawn properly, there is a way to verify that. All you need is a screwdriver of about 6 inches and you will be required to drive it deep into the lawn soil. According to experts, the screwdriver is supposed to go in with ease as well as come out effortlessly. If this is what you get, then your lawn is watered properly.

However, if it is dry, the screwdriver is not going in easily and you need a lot of effort to push it in. If you overwater your lawn, it simply means that the soil will turn into mud. Therefore, if you use the screwdriver, it will go into the soil with ease. However, the shaft will surface with clusters of mud. If this is your result, you should not water for some time and consider reducing the number of times you water it.

How to Water Your Lawn?

When it comes to lawn care and how to water your lawn, there are few key points you should know. Below are the key points:

• All lawns need at least 1 inch of water per week; year round. Even during winter.
• Experts recommend watering your lawn deeply at least 2 or 3 times a week rather than every day.
• It is advisable to water your lawn early in the morning as you can or late at night if possible.
• Constantly check or test your lawn soil for water using a screwdriver. If you are unable to push a 6-inch screwdriver into the lawn, then you are not watering it enough. If it is muddy, you are overdoing it.
• During hot seasons, you are advised to water your lawn more, more particularly if you have a fescue lawn
• Avoid watering your lawn for a very long time in such a way that water will run down the street.
• If you have automatic sprinklers, check them often to ensure they are covering every section of your lawn
• If you have a brown area and it does not respond to water, consider looking for other problems. For all lawn care tips visit here.

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